Publisher Representatives

List of Publisher Representatives as of April 10, 2015


Here is a quick reference to all the current publisher representatives.  We will keep it as up to date as we can. If you find an error, please contact us so we may correct it.  Thank you!

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Publisher Representatives
ADDISON WESLEY See Pearson (Hard Side)  
ALLYN & BACON See Pearson (Soft Side), Amy Kahn  
AMA Ashley McDonald 563/557-5532  
ARBOR CREST Jack Grasham  
BEDFORD/ST.MARTIN’S See Macmillan, Travis Long  
BENJAMIN CUMMINGS See Pearson (Hard Side)  
BRADY TITLES ONLY Lynn Hicks 866/940-3906  
CAMBRIDGE U.PRESS Annette Acosta 888/860-7175
(ESL Titles)  
CENGAGE L. Dalia Bravo 707/364-8772
(ESL Titles)  
CENGAGE L Jon Akana 916/524-3669
CENGAGE L Kristina McCubbin 800/513-1046
(Delmar Titles) ext.2433
CENGAGE L Allison Bowie  
(Hard Side)  
CENGAGE L Alice Park 925/588-4829
(Humanities & Soc.Sciences)  
CENGAGE L David Laake 859/657-4360
(Couns.;Music; Philo.;Religion; Social Work)  
CENGAGE CUSTOM Audrey Turjanica 513/229-1413  
DAVIS, F A Doug Reynold 916/944-7445
(Health Titles)  
ELSEVIER Josh Marlow 916/342-9052
(Mosby, Saunders)  
EMC/PARADIGM Tim Denly 800/645-7151  
FREEMAN, W.H. See Macmillan, Travis Long  
GOODHEART/WILLCOX Mary Moore 800/634-7479 ext.2
JONES & BARTLETT Hope Gottlieb 800/526-1529
(Health Sci.)  
JONES & BARTLETT Danielle Schaeffer 978/579-8241
KENDALL HUNT Frank Forcier 408/530-9901  
LAD CUSTOM PUBL. Kent Brewster 770/653-9792  
LIPPINCOTT/WILLIAMS/WILKINS Theresa Thompson-Taggart 408/368-1332  
LONGMAN See Pearson (Soft Side), Amy Kahn  
LONGMAN ESL See Pearson (ESL Titles), Tracy Bailie  
MACMILLAN Travis Long 415/747-7766  
MACMILLAN Tim Lewis 650/416-9164
(Hayden-McNeil;iClickers;Late Nite Labs;Nature Educ.;Sapling Learning)  
MATTHEWS Rob Kanne 800/633-2665
(Medical Books) ext.501
MCGRAW-HILL Syd Newsom 559/892-6777
(Soft Side)  
MCGRAW-HILL Michael Ginther 916/751-6672
MCGRAW-HILL Syd Newsom 559/892-6777
MCGRAW-HILL Brett Miller 415/609-8458
(Hard Science, Nursing)  
MCGRAW-HILL Julie Wolfe 925/290-8486
NORTON Kristina Horton 530/379-3005  
NORTON CUSTOM Rachelle DeJong  
ONCOURSE Tosha Marks 770/200-2515  
OXFORD U.PRESS Michael Distler 510/227-5548  
OXFORD U.PRESS Krista Leifheit 630/615-2071
(ESL Titles)  
PEARSON Matthew Walker 602/750-8129
PEARSON Jason Carlage (Manager)  
(Hard Side)  
PEARSON Amy Kahn 408/824-2436
(Soft Side)  
PEARSON Tracy Bailie 510/981-0375
PEARSON Rachel Hanes 614/841-3774
PEARSON CUSTOM Jodelle Kibby  
(All Custom Titles)  
PENGUIN USA Tammy Brant 800/847-5515
RANDOM HOUSE Must fax request on school letterhead to: 212/572-2662
RITTENHOUSE Adam Barrett 404/963-1254  
SIMON & SCHUSTER Must fax request on school letterhead to: 800/445-6991
South-Western See Cengage L, Jon Akana  
STECK-VAUGHN Renee Clark 866/365-7554
(Adult Ed.)  
TAYLOR & FRANCIS Jessie Taylor 800/634-7064 Ext.5098
VISTA HIGHER L. Carolyn Ghazi-Tehrani 916/415-1300
(Foreign Lang.)  
WILEY Ken Hershbell 415/310-4707  
WORTH See Macmillan, Travis Long  

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