What You Need to Know

Important Facts and Information for Students and Instructors


Why do we need to submit orders on time?

  • Help keep the SRJC HEOA compliant (Necessary for continued Federal financial aid)
  • Increase buyback quantities (In the Fall, students can sell books for more money and there will be more used books are available for Students in the Spring)
  • Allows time for books to be reformatted for students with special needs 
  • There are More used books available from our suppliers
  • It allows time for custom bundles and packages to be assembled so they are available to students before the start of the Spring Semester
  • There are more books on the shelves when classes start.


Doyle Reserve Desk Information

What can be placed on Reserve?


  • Textbooks, either instructors’ personal copies or those ordered through the library
  • Books from the library’s general collection
  • Photocopied excerpts from books or periodicals – subject to copyright compliance
  • Lecture notes, examples of research papers, previous exams, rock kits, skeletons, etc.
  • CDs, CD-ROMs (The public computers may not have all the helper programs needed.)
  • Course “readers” that are copyright compliant 




Please note that publishers frequently can provide you with a copy of your textbook if requested.

For a current listing of publisher representatives, visit the Textbook and Instructional Resources Committee’s website: http://textbookcommittee.santarosa.edu/publisher-representatives

Books not in the Library’s collection may be ordered (subject to budget) by contacting Bob Peterson in the Acquisitions Department at 524-1561 or Suvi McGee at Reserves at 524-1616.


What are the loan periods allowed on Reserve items?


  • 2-hour, library use only - (allows most number of students to use/less chance of loss)
  • 4-hour – can be taken out of the library, but due back the same day
  • 1-day or 3-day loan


What is required of students and staff to use the Reserve desk?

A current SRJC I.D. card is required and the CALL NUMBER of the item is welcomed. 

For additional information, please contact Suvi McGee, 524-1616smcgee@santarosa.edu